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The perfect healthy snack

We all know that feeling when it hits mid morning and your stomach begins to rumble: long enough since breakfast to start feeling peckish but too soon to eat lunch. Or when 3pm rolls around and you start losing steam, and the only thing you feel like is a sugar hit to keep you going. We’re guessing you’re one of two people: you either scrounge the fridge, pantry, even desk drawers for a tasty treat to keep you going, or you suffer in silence and wait until your next meal to avoid consuming more calories. It’s safe to say that neither of these options are ideal! But there’s good news: snacking is actually an essential part of a healthy diet!...

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Why you need protein

Protein is not just for bodybuilders packing on masses of muscle, we all need it! But what really is protein? You may have heard it said that proteins are the building blocks of our cells, which describes just how important this macronutrient is for us to function normally let alone at our best. Protein plays a vital role in a range of bodily processes. Our hair, bones, skin, tissues and muscles all contain proteins made up of amino acids. Nine of these are referred to as essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce itself and needs to be obtained through diet. Many health-conscious people focus on eliminating carbs from their diet or turning to low-fat foods, but tend to...

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