The Perfect Healthy Snack

We all know that feeling when it hits mid morning and your stomach begins to rumble: long enough since breakfast to start feeling peckish but too soon to eat lunch. Or when 3pm rolls around and you start losing steam, and the only thing you feel like is a sugar hit to keep you going. We’re guessing you’re one of two people: you either scrounge the fridge, pantry, even desk drawers for a tasty treat to keep you going, or you suffer in silence and wait until your next meal to avoid consuming more calories. It’s safe to say that neither of these options are ideal!

But there’s good news: snacking is actually an essential part of a healthy diet! Having a snack between meals can stimulate your metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels and give you a much needed energy boost. Not to mention the cognitive benefits like reduced stress, improved focus and greater productivity! Plus, snacking keeps your appetite at bay and prevents you from overeating at meal times.

The key is choosing a healthy snack full of nutrients, not something loaded with sugar and calories. But this doesn’t mean you need to stick to an apple or a couple of carrot sticks! The best snacks are the ones that taste great and fill you up without weighing you down. Tonik Plant is the perfect option for those looking for a quick, healthy, tasty snack on the run. It’s coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for when our delicious vegan shake hits the shelves!

To help keep you on track, here are some tips for what your snack should look like:

  • High source of protein: This will help keep you full and satisfied. There’s no point in snacking on crackers or chips if you’re still hungry afterwards! You’ll just end up consuming more calories without reaching the result you’re after.
  • Low in calories: It’s important to consider the amount of calories in your snacks, otherwise it can be easy to exceed your recommended daily intake. On average, our meals should contain 300-400 calories and our snacks should contain about half of this. However, this varies from person to person and will depend on your gender, weight and amount of physical activity, so make adjustments to suit your body and health goals.
  • Balanced nutrients: Your snacks should also have a balanced nutrient profile to give your body maximum benefits.

Tonik Plant ticks all of these criteria: 20g of protein, only 132 calories, low in carbs and sugar, plus a dose of healthy fats to keep you fuelled for the day! Yummy, nutritious and convenient – nothing will be able to slow you down!

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